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Formal Drama

This Alexander McQueen dress is gorgeous. When I came across it I fell in love. It is so dramatic yet simple. The dress is the star of the outfit and really doesn’t need much for accessories. A necklace would be too much and would take away from the dress, plus I always think a bare throat looks so elegant and classy with a sweetheart neck line.

With a stunning neckline like this one I always like to go for an amazing pair of earring, because they really get shown off. These earrings are relatively simple yet are quite interesting. They add just enough to the dress.

Since these Valentino shoes have come out I have fallen in love with them. They have such a classy and elegant shape, yet the studs give them and edgy attitude that I think just brings the outfit to another level. For the clutch I chose to go with a basic unembellished shape in red so that it did not distract from the dress. It really brings out the flowers in the dress and makes to look come together.

I could see any celebrity walking down the red carpet in this look. It is so simple and elegant yet has an edge of mysterious attitude.


Tropical Getaway

When I saw this dress I instantly thought tropical vacation. I can easily see a woman wearing this out for a romantic dinner at a beach side restaurant at sunset.

The pattern is really loud and bold, yet the darker shades of fuchsia and green tone it down and do not make it overpowering, as big patterned maxi dresses tend to be.

Since the dress is such a statement keeping accessories simple is huge to making the whole look come together. I chose a simple black t-strap wedge for the shoe and the little gold accent on the toe will look amazing peeking out from beneath the hem of the dress. I kept the bag simple, just a basic black clutch with minimal embellishment because the bag is not the star, the dress is.

For jewelry the gold tones really stand out and give it a warm feeling. The simple long earnings mimics the length of the dress and work to elongate the body. . The bracelet is a simple gold stack just to add some shine and complete the look.