I had the experience to go in and observe a fitting room professionally set up by a stylist at Nordstrom. It was  really amazing  going in and being surrounded by all of the clothes. Fitting room set up is important when consulting a client.  It is their first immersion in to working with a stylist and can be overwhelming sometimes. It is crucial that a room not be set up too confusingly or cluttered. It has to be  organized and have a flow through it. The room must also be set up in an appealing way so that the customer can navigate it easily and be able to pick out the pieces that they like the best.

As with my experience the clothes were grouped together in clusters of mixable pieces.  Having pieces that can easily be switched in and out to create new looks is something that is important to have. Having pieces that are interchangeable is a good thing to have because it allows for outfits to be switched up and new looks to be created without buying anything new. With a few pieces that can be intermixed there are multiple possibilities for looks.

Fitting Room

With the experience of getting to observe a fitting room I also had the chance to style some of my own outfits!